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I am so grateful to have found Lori Main. Her touch is very special - deeply intuitive of the body's needs. Her treatments leave me in a state of expanded consciousness of my body with a tremendous feeling of renewal. What a gift.
L. Arpiainen, RYT-500, Certified Purna Yoga Instructor

I am so grateful to have found Lori Main. Her touch is very special - deeply intuitive of the body's needs.
Her treatments leave me in a state of expanded consciousness of my body with a tremendous feeling of renewal. What a gift.
L. Arpiainen, RYT-500, Certified Purna Yoga Instructor

Lori is much more than a massage therapist - she is a healer. She connects with her patient and tries to determine and eliminate not only the physical and obvious, but rather the often-deeply hidden causes of pain and discomfort. Her sessions are relaxing and enjoyable. After seeing Lori I would feel truly recharged and ready to deal with anything! She has a true passion for her work. Her methods are unique; her knowledge is huge and ever-growing; her enthusiasm is infectious.
A. Sobot, Paris

Lori's massages have helped me explore the various dimensions of myself (my physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological selves) and to see how they are all connected. I am learning an acceptance and an appreciation of this body of mine and how it moves in the world. The result is me being a lot more comfortable in my own skin.
Thank you Lori
PS I have also discovered, I am not just skin and bones. There is a lot going on inside of me and you have helped me to explore this in a safe environment and to let go of what I no longer need. My acceptance of myself has also helped me to be more accepting of others.
B. Wharton

I have referred many of my readers to Lori Main over the years (some have flown in from other countries to see her) and also featured her work in my DVD for colicky babies. She is highly skilled, intuitive and utterly safe. She's fantastic.
Jini Patel Thompson, author of Listen To Your Gut and 14 other books

I was very afraid when I started to feel pain and discomfort a year after I had had full pelvic reconstruction surgery for “stage three” prolapse of my bladder, uterus, and rectum. I had already gone through a second operation to repair the bladder sling failure and thought for sure that another operation was inevitable because of this pain that was getting worse. My doctor could not identify the problem and I was devastated to find the wait list for a specialist to be over six months long. I had booked with Lori to have a relaxation massage and in the safety of Lori’s space I revealed all of this to her. With my permission, Lori did what I can only describe as “her magic.” I have no more pain! I am in awe of her skill set to heal the body.
Arlene F. - Household Engineer (or Stay at Home Mom)

I had a very bothersome and recurring pain in my shoulder that would not go away. After two sessions with Lori, the pain disappeared. She is a great healer and I always look forward to seeing her when I am in Vancouver.
Giada, London (UK)

As luck would have it, our two sons were born with EXTREME colic, and no amount of tests, doctors, pediatricians, or emergency room visits were able to find and treat their issues. We finally found Lori when our second son was five months old. Within minutes of touching him, Lori was able to tell us what was wrong and relieve his pain. It was truly profound to witness. Lori completely healed his issue with a few more weekly sessions. That was eleven years ago. Since then, my wife and I have enjoyed Lori`s amazing hands for the best massage therapy and relaxation sessions you can find!
D Fuller, Businessman

After a cranio-sacral session with Lori, all the knots of tension and anxiety dissolved from my body. I felt calm and grounded. When I went to play the piano that day, I found that my sluggish and laboured playing had transformed. There was sparkle back in my hands and fingers!
F. Lam, artist and poet

I have been suffering from arthritis for some time now. I had been having extreme hip pain until I began seeing Lori for massage therapy. I have tried many different “traditional" massage therapists in the past and none of them have helped. Lori is different. She deals with body energy (as well as massage therapy) and literally has taken my pain away. I no longer have extreme hip pain and I am confident is because of her treatments.
R. Butterfield, student

Lori Main is an artist, profoundly gifted.
M. Zeitlin, professor

A year ago I was suffering from lower back and left let pains; I could not walk or stand for more than 5 minutes and then I needed to sit down to rest. I went for physiotherapy treatment a couple of times but did not have much improvement. Later a friend recommended me to see Lori Main for the massage treatment. After 5 treatments with Lori, the pains had eased and I can walk or stand normally again. I highly recommend this treatment as it gave quick relief to my normal life within two months.
P. Szeto, administrative assistant

Most people know about the mind-body-spirit connection, which has almost become a truism in our society, but very few health practitioners actually chart their treatment plans with an eye toward strengthening it. Instead, both practitioners and their clients waste valuable time, money and energy troubleshooting symptoms but never really addressing the root issues. As a result, practitioners begin to lose patience and sympathy with clients who despite the practitioner’s best efforts never seem to be getting any better, while their clients begin to lose hope and even develop additional symptoms. The cycle continues in an endless loop of discomfort and frustration.
What makes Main Energy different is that Lori not only affirms the mind-body-spirit connection but also uses it as the core of her treatment plan. Thus, her clients are not a series of isolated symptoms but rather real people whose issues are approached in a loving and holistic context. A client with persistent shoulder pain is asked to consider the pain not as a random event but rather as a reflection of larger lifestyle choices. In this way, the client is able to take greater control of not only the symptom that brought him or her in for treatment but of his or her life choices in general. The client then leaves the appointment feeling not only physically relieved, but also emotionally and spiritually refreshed and challenged.
Two years ago, I developed plantar fasciitis, a painful and debilitating foot condition. Every morning when I got out of bed, I hobbled around for half an hour until my feet were warmed up enough to stand up straight, and it became more and more difficult to pursue the physical activities I had always enjoyed and taken as a matter of course. I went from doctor to doctor trying to figure out what the problem was and how to address it, and was given a variety of pills, supplements, stretching exercises and even a $500 pair of prescription orthotics to deal with the pain. For 20 months I struggled to find a solution while my beautiful high-heels sat in boxes in the closet and I became less and less able to do the sports I loved. Massage therapy and sessions in the hot tub followed by ice packs provided momentary relief, but the pain and frustration persisted.
Having seen that I was getting nowhere with my various treatments, Lori suggested that I come for a session with her, and I eagerly agreed. Although this session did integrate the regular deep tissue work that I enjoyed from my previous massage therapists, it also included an energy focus that was totally different for me. At the appointment, I found myself wondering how this stillness and reflection could possibly help, but since I’d already tried everything else without success, I figured it couldn’t hurt to “suspend my disbelief” and give it a shot. I left the appointment feeling a bit off-kilter—it certainly wasn’t the massage therapy I’d been used to—and asked myself whether I was crazy for trying something that seemed to be so “out there.” There had been no miraculous lifting of the pain, yet somehow I felt lighter within myself, both physically and emotionally.
After a few days, I began to notice that my feet didn’t really hurt anymore. It wasn’t a dramatic “call the Vatican” kind of thing, but I would catch myself getting out of bed and making it downstairs to the coffee pot without wincing, and I’d realize that I hadn’t been hobbling or hunched over. Over the course of a couple of weeks, I saw even more improvement in my overall posture, my ability to stand on my feet all day without discomfort (a helpful thing for a teacher!), and I didn’t need to take 2 Tylenol before bed anymore. Within a month, I even took a pair of my beloved but neglected heels out of the closet and managed to wear them for several hours without complaining. Although I still wear my Birkenstock sandals in the house for support, I have taken my orthotics out and put them in the drawer. I simply don’t need them anymore.
S. Yatsuda, College Instructor